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Community News

Mary and Ralph were guests of Her Majesty at a
Garden Party held in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.
The event was doubly special as it coincided with Mary’s Birthday! Mary and Ralph have worked tirelessly on behalf of the Community for many years. The various organisations served by the couple as well as Appleby itself were as delighted by the surprise invitation as Mary and Ralph themselves.

The event was blessed by fabulously sunny weather and was attended by well over 8000 guests and dignitaries, including the Princes Philip and Charles. Amongst the sea of colours, The Queen stood out in a charming deep sky blue suit with white accessories. As you can see from the photo, Mary wore a delightful Thyme green silk two piece ensemble with cream accessories and looked a real picture! Ralph, looking very distinguished in traditional Morning Suit, was finally persuaded to leave his cap behind in Appleby!
The hospitality and catering lived up to it’s Royal reputation - a large tent boasted long tables laden down with good things. The buffet itself consisted of a large selection of cold cuts including egg and cheese sandwiches, ham rolls, vol-au-vents, all manor of scrumptious cakes, iced tea, coffee, and of course pots of steaming hot tea! All served on beautiful white china and crisply starched tablecloths. Surprisingly, cucumber sandwiches were not on the menu!
After tea had been taken guests were invited to tour the Palace gardens, a real treat for two of Appleby’s keenest gardeners, who pronounced the gardens to be both wonderfully well kept, colourful and imaginative.
Mary was delighted to have seen Her Majesty at close quarters and to have spent her Birthday in such a very special and memorable way.