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Hedgehogs face many dangers and can benefit greatly from our help. For example, putting food out every night with a dish of water can stop hedgehogs starving to death, and being cautious when using garden tools such as strimmers - there could be a small hedgehog sleeping in that long grass!

‘Autumn Juveniles’, hedgehogs weighing below 600g during late October onwards, may not survive winter and hibernation. You can find details of what you should do if you come across such a hedgehog on the BHPS website.

You can encourage hedgehogs to hibernate in your garden by building a Hedgehog Hibernation Box . They may also use the box during the summer as they move from garden to garden.

Please visit the webpages below where you will find detailed information on the and expert advice on all aspects of hedgehog care and first aid.

British Hedgehog Preservation Society
Basic Facts
First Aid
Autumn Juveniles
Caring for Hoglets
Epping Forest Hedgehog Rescue
Hedgehog Help Forum
Spike’s World
St Tiggywinkles

The Hoggery - Hedgehog Repair & Foster Care

Please Note: We are unable to accommodate any more hedgehogs at the moment - we hope the information below will still be helpful though.

If you notice a hedgehog outside during the day the chances are it is in difficulty.

Put some gloves on, pick it up using a towel and put the hog and towel in a deep cardboard box, take indoors, keep it warm, place food (tinned dog food, eg chicken in jelly) and water (NOT milk) in small dishes in the box, then get help straight away. There are links to carers on the BHPS website and also here, or ring the RSPCA.

You can ring me for help and advice (Anita Cross, telephone 01724 735439), but please note I may not be able to take the Hedgehog in personally as I am constantly full up - we only have facilities for up to 12 hedgehogs at any one time.

If you are unable to get help please take the hedgehog to the vet, many establishments treat wildlife for free. If they can’t help they should be able to put you in touch with someone who can.

Two hoglets found barely alive next to their mummy who had died. Pip and Pop are growing fast and will be released either in early winter or spring depending on their weight and the weather conditions
Latest News! Pip and Pop were released recently and continue to return to the garden for their supper, and most nights they wander into their house and tuck themselves up in their bed for the day!