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Appleby Produce Show 2006

The Annual Produce and Presentation Show celebrated its 39th year on Saturday, September 9th 2006 and it proved once again to be a popular village event.
There were more entries than ever - and of a very high standard making it a difficult job for the judges. An array of delicious cakes, jams & jellies, savoury quiches and hand knitted items filled the long tables in the new section of the Village Hall, while the vegetables, salads, flowers, art and children’s section took place in the original hall which was once the Village School.
The event was well attended at 6pm for the announcement of the results by eager villagers and some new visitors. This was followed by a raffle with some fantastic prizes and then the ever popular Auction of Goods. The high quality vegetables, cakes and other baked goods were eagerly snapped up - probably a good time to visit your friends in the village as you are assured of a good feast!
We hope you enjoy this selection of photographs - please use the links at the
bottom of the page to see more!
See you next year at the 40th Appleby Annual Produce Show!