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Views From The Tower!

It is sometimes difficult to fully appreciate the beauty of Appleby when walking around the village. The view from the top of the Church tower offers a panoramic insight into just how amazing and truly delightful the village is; crammed as it is with beautiful gardens, mature trees and spellbinding architecture nestling in North Lincolnshire given a magical highlight by the frost.
These pictures were taken from the roof of the Church Tower - which was rebuilt in 1820 - on New Years Eve morning - the spectacular beauty of Appleby!

The Photos: the first shows Church Side and the January snow.
The temperature was well bellow freezing! The second shows a little more of Church Side and across the paddock.
The views are so good that we have added a second page and will add more as the season progresses.

Visit The Church

Click the camera to see the next page of views from The Tower.